Titian and Venetian painting, 1450-1590


Titian and Venetian painting, 1450-1590

Bruce Cole

Westview Press, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [251]-252) and index



This up-to-date, well illustrated, sensitive introduction to the life and works of one of the giants of Western painting also surveys the golden age of Venetian painting from Bellini to Veronese and its place in the history of Western art. Sometimes referred to as the founder of modern painting Titians legacy and influence was immense and continuingItalian Baroque painting, El Greco, Rubens, Rembrandt and Dutch painting, French 18th century painting, Velazquez, and Picasso. This knowledgeable study of a great and enduring artist and a brilliant period of art history will interest general readers and students. There are 119 black and white illustrations integrated with the text and 8 plates in full color, a selected bibliography and index.


List of IllustrationsPreface & Acknowledgments1. Venice, 15102. Precursors: Giovanni Bellini and the Birth of Venetian Renaissance Painting3. Giorgione, Sebastiano, and the Young Titian to c.15104. Titian: Early Success, 1516-305. Titian: International Fame, 1530-436. Titian: Maturity7. Titian: The 1550s8. Titian: The Late Works9. Titian's HeirsSelected BibliographyIndex

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