Oxygen regulation of ion channels and gene expression


    • López-Barneo, J. (Jóse)
    • Weir, E. Kenneth


Oxygen regulation of ion channels and gene expression

edited by José López-Barneo, E. Kenneth Weir

Futura Pub., c1998

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Given the vital importance of oxygen to the survival of most life forms, the provision of sufficient O2 to the tissues and the protection of cells against damage due to O2 deficiency are fundamental physiological challenges. This book provides a detailed overview of how and why such damage occurs, exploring the mechanisms whereby oxygen interacts with living cells, but particularly focusing upon the biochemical and physiological adaptations of hypoxia and their biological and medical relevance. It includes information about the cellular and molecular mechanisms of oxygen-sensing from bacteria to eukaryotic animal cells, focusing on the regulatory role of oxygen on ion channels and gene expression in various organs and tissues. Other key topics include: Components of the signaling pathway linking oxygen tension and transcription The possible role of reactive oxygen intermediates in the regulation of gene expression and ion channel gating How recent studies have characterized oxygen-sensitive ion channels Oxygen-sensitive ion channels as mediators of the vasomotor responses to hypoxia Changes produced by hypoxia or redox alterations Clinical implicationsThis book should be of interest to cellular and molecular biologists, pulmonary specialists, physiologists, biophysicists, as well as any professional conducting research in this field.


Preface J. Lopez-Barneo, E.K. Weir SECTION 1: GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF OXYGEN SENSING 1. Cellular Metabolism of Oxygen: Brief Overview and Current Aspects on Peroxynitrite and Singlet Oxygen K. Briviba, H. Sies 2. Reactive Oxygen Intermediates as Mediators for Regulating Ion Channel Activity and Gene Expression in the Process of Cellular Oxygen Sensing H. Acker 3. Critical Cysteine Residues in the Inactivation Domains of Voltage-Activated Potassium Channels O. Pongs SECTION 2: OXYGEN SENSORS IN BACTERIA AND PLANTS 4. Nitrogen Fixation and Oxygen Sensing E. Soupene, P. Boistard 5. Oxygen Transducers that Regulate Behavior in Bacteria B.L Taylor 6. Oxygen Sensing in Plants E. Cervantes SECTION 3: OXYGEN SENSING AND EUCHARYOTIC GENE EXPRESSION: 7. Oxygen-Regulated Gene Expression: A Widely Operative System Recognized Through Studies of Erythropoietin Regulation P.J. Ratcliffe, J.M. Gleadle, P.H. Maxwell, J.F. O'Rourke, C.W. Pugh, S.M. Wood 8. Hypoxic Control of Erythropoietin Gene Expression J. Caro, S. Salceda 9. Regulation of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1 Activity L.E. Huang, H.F. Bunn 10. Evidence for Hydrogen Peroxide as a Signal Transduction Molecule in Oxygen-Dependent Regulation of Gene Expression M.F. Czyzyk-Krzeska, S.L. Kroll, W.R. Paulding SECTION 4: ION CHANNELS AND FUNCTIONAL RESPONSES TO HYPOXIA Part 1: Neurosecretory Mechanisms 11. Oxygen-Regulation Ion Channels: Functional Roles amd Mechanisms J. Lopez-Barneo, R. Montoro, P. Ortega-Saenz, J. Urena 12. Oxygen Sensing in Arterial Chemoreceptors. Role of a Novel Oxygen-Dependent Potassium Channel K.J. Buckler 13. Potassium Channels in Carotid Body Type I Cells and their Sensitivity to Hypoxia: Studies in Chronically Hypoxic and Developing Rats C. Peers 14. Oxygen Sensing by Rat Chromaffin Cells: Adrenal Medulla and Carotid Body Contrasted C.A. Nurse, A. Jackson, R.J. Thompson, H. Zong 15. Mechanisms of Oxygen Chemosensitivity in a Model Cell Line System L. Conforti, W.H. Zhu, S. Kobayashi, D.E. Millhorn Part 2: Vascular Smooth Muscle 16. Oxygen Sensing in the Pulmonary Vasculature E.K. Weir, H.L. Reeve, S. Tolarova, D.N. Cornfield, D.P. Nelson, S.L. Archer 17. Mechanisms of Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction: The Role of Oxygen-Sensitive Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels X-J. Yuan 18. Diversity of Potassium Channel Expression in Pulmonary Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells S.L. Archer, H.L. Reeve, J. Huang, D.P. Nelson, S. Tolarova, E. Michelakis, E.K. Weir 19. Calcium Channels, Cytosolic Calcium and the Vasomotor Responses to Hypoxia A. Franco-Obregon, J. Urena, T. Smani, S. Iwabuchi, J. Lopez-Barneo 20. Hypoxia, Adenosine, and KATP Channels of Coronary Arterial Smooth Muscle C. Dart, C.S. Davie, J.M. Quayle, G.C. Wellman, N.B. Standen SECTION 5: OXYGEN SENSING IN NERVE CELLS 21. Oxygen Sensing in Neurons: Direct and Indirect Modulation of Ion Channels G.G. Haddad 22. Ischemia and Oxidative Regulation of Neuronal Calcium-Permeable AMPA Receptors L. Dugan, D.M. Turetsky, D. Choi SECTION 6: SENSITIVITY TO HYPOXIA 23. Short- and Long-Term Modulation of Oxygen Sensitivity: Lessons from the Carotid Body P. Kumar, D.R. Pepper 24. Sensitivity to Physiologic Hypoxia C. Gonzalez

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