American frontiers : cultural encounters and continental conquest


American frontiers : cultural encounters and continental conquest

Gregory H. Nobles

Penguin, 1998, c1997

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Originally published: New York : Hill and Wang, 1997

"Bibliographical essay": p. [251]-274

Includes index



In this account of the patterns of contact and conquest on America's frontiers over the course of four centuries, the author argues for abandoning the tradition that made this a separate chapter of American history. He shows how the American leaders, beginning with Washington and Jefferson, pursued a policy of national expansion and development that enabled the United States to become the dominant power on the North American continent. Within this framework, he also explores the settlers' diverse and complex interactions with Indians as enemies, allies and trading partners.


  • The contact of cultures on the first frontiers
  • the struggle of empires to control tyhe frontiers
  • forging a frontier policy in the new nation
  • Westward expansion - political controversy and popular culture
  • moving West and making communities
  • Indians and the enclosing frontier, 1860-90.

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