Artifacts : an introduction to early materials and technology


Artifacts : an introduction to early materials and technology

Henry Hodges

Duckworth, 1989

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Reprint of: 1976 ed., London

Published in association with Ronald P. Frye

Bibliography: p. 229-239

Includes index



Our understanding of the daily life of early man depends to a large extent on our knowledge of the materials and manufacturing techniques that were used in the production of ancient artifacts. Such a study applied to surviving objects can also give us unexpected information about the spread of trade and its chronology, and about the transmission and adaptation of techniques among different peoples. Many books have been written on archaeological methods such as excavation, but the process of technological investigation has been less widely discussed. This book has established itself as the standard introductory account. Part One treats the raw materials themselves -- everything from clay, glass, metals and stone to wood, fibers, leather, bone, dyes and pigments -- and describes the various methods of working. Part Two outlines the general principles of laboratory examination employed by specialists in the relevant natural sciences.


Preface Introduction CONTENTS PART I MATERIALS AND METHODS OF WORKING 1 Pottery 2 Glazes 3 Glass and Enamels 4 Copper and Copper Alloys 5 Iron and Steel 6 Gold, Silver, Lead and Mercury 7 Stone 8 Wood 9 Fibres and Threads 10 Textiles and Baskets 11 Hides and Leather 12 Antler, Bone, Hom and Ivory 13 Dyes, Pigments and Paints 14 Adhesives 15 Some Other Materials PART II THE EXAMINATION OF ARTIFACTS 16 General Principles 17 Examination of Stone Artifacts 18 Examination of Pottery and Glasses 19 Examination of Metal Objects 20 Examination of Organic Materials Bibliography Index

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