Avoiding unfair dismissal claims


    • Barnett, Daniel


Avoiding unfair dismissal claims

Daniel Barnett

Wiley, c1999

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The premise of this practical book is the fact that unfair dismissal cases are won and lost on the actions of the employer prior to the dismissal. Written for both employers and their legal advisers it explains when it is justifiable to dismiss an employee, what factors the employee needs to take into account, and the steps that must be taken to successfully fulfil the legal requirements. Actions are unavoidable if an employee is determined but the case has a better chance of success for the employer if the guidelines set out in the book are followed. Also included are case scenarios, practical hints, flow charts and a glossary of legal terms.


  • Overview of the law of unfair dismissal
  • what you can dismiss an employee for - misconduct, incapacity
  • how to select people for redundancy
  • how to hold disciplinary and dismissal meetings and appeal hearings
  • dismissal when taking over a business
  • how to prevent common pitfalls (i.e. constructive dismissal)
  • what you must pay when dismissing
  • how to minimize any financial award if the employer "gets it wrong"
  • industrial tribunals - what to do if it goes that far
  • useful names and addresses
  • sample letters.

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