Soft computing in systems and control technology


Soft computing in systems and control technology

editor, S.G. Tzafestas

(World Scientific series in robotics and intelligent systems, v. 18)

World Scientific, c1999

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Soft computing is a branch of computing which, unlike hard computing, can deal with uncertain, imprecise and inexact data. The three constituents of soft computing are fuzzy-logic-based computing, neurocomputing, and genetic algorithms. Fuzzy logic contributes the capability of approximate reasoning, neurocomputing offers function approximation and learning capabilities, and genetic algorithms provide a methodology for systematic random search and optimization. These three capabilities are combined in a complementary and synergetic fashion.This book presents a cohesive set of contributions dealing with important issues and applications of soft computing in systems and control technology. The contributions include state-of-the-art material, mathematical developments, fresh results, and how-to-do issues. Among the problems studied via neural, fuzzy, neurofuzzy and genetic methodologies are: data fusion, reinforcement learning, approximation properties, multichannel imaging, signal processing, system optimization, gaming, and several forms of control.The book can serve as a reference for researchers and practitioners in the field. Readers can find in it a large amount of useful and timely information, and thus save considerable effort in searching for other scattered literature.


  • Neural networks in systems identification and control - supervised learning in multilayer perceptions - the back-propagation algorithm
  • identification of two-dimensional state space discrete systems using neural networks
  • neural networks for control
  • neuro-based adaptive regulator
  • local model networks and self-tuning predictive control
  • fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems in modelling, control and robot path planning - an on-line self constructing fuzzy modelling architecture based on neural and fuzzy concepts and techniques
  • neuro-fuzzy model-based control
  • fuzzy and neurofuzzy approaches to mobile robot path and motion planning under uncertainty
  • genetic-evolutionary algorithms - a tutorial overview of genetic algorithms and their applications
  • results from a variety of genetic algorithm applications showing the robustness of the approach
  • evolutionary algorithms in computer-aided design of integrated circuits
  • soft computing applications - soft data fusion
  • application of neural networks to computer gaming
  • coherent neural networks and their applications to control and signal processing
  • neural, fuzzy and evolutionary reinforcement learning systems - an application case study
  • neural networks in industrial and environmental applications.

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