Natural resource and environmental economics


Natural resource and environmental economics

Roger Perman, Yue Ma, James McGilvray, Michael Common

Longman , Pearson Education, 1999

2nd ed

  • : pbk


Natural resource & Environmental economics

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [537]-553) and indexes

Previous ed.: Roger Perman, Yue Ma, James McGilvray (Longman, 1996)

"Longman" is trade-marks of Pearson Education, created in Nov. 1998 through the merger of Addison-Wesley, Longman, Prentice Hall [... et al].



This is an updated and revised edition of a highly respected environmental economics text which combines rigorous economic theory with practical applications to provide the most thorough coverage of the subject.


Introduction. An Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics. The Origins of the Sustainability Problem. Concepts of Sustainability. Ethics and the Environment. Part 1: Ethical Foundations for Environmental Economics. Part 2: Utilitarianism and Discounting. Part 3: Ethics and Sustainable Development. Welfare Economics: Efficiency and Optimality. Part 1: Efficiency and Resource Allocation. Part 2: Achieving an Efficient Allocation in a Market Economy. Part 3: Using Marginal Analysis to Understand Economic Efficiency. Market Failure and Public Policy. Part 1: Market Failure. Part 2: Cost-benefit Analysis. The Efficient and Optimal use of Environmental Resources. Part 1: A Simple Optimal Resource Depletion Model. Part 2: Extending the Model to Incorporate Extraction Costs and Renewable Resources. The Theory of Optimal Resource Extraction: Non-renewable Resources. The Theory of Optimal Resource Extraction: Renewable Resources. Forest Resource. Pollution Control: Targets. Pollution Control: Instruments. International Environmental Problems. Valuing the Environment. Irreversibility, Risk and Uncertainty. Environmental Input-output Modelling. Accounting for the Environment.

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