Applied numerical analysis using MATLAB


Applied numerical analysis using MATLAB

Laurene V. Fausett

Prentice Hall, c1999

  • : Int. ed.

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Includes bibliographical references (p.557-562) and index




This text is appropriate for undergraduate courses on numerical methods and numerical analysis found in engineering, mathematics & computer science depts.Each chapter uses introductory problems from specific applications. These easy-to-understand problems clarify for the reader the need for a particular mathematical technique. Numerical techniques are explained with an emphasis on why they work.


1. Foundations. 2. Solving Equations of One Variable. 3. Solving Systems of Linear Equations: Direct Methods. 4. Solving Systems of Linear Equations: Iterative Methods. 5. Nonlinear Functions of Several Variables. 6. LU Factorization. 7. Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and QR Factorization. 8. Interpolation. 9. Function Approximation. 10. Fourier Methods. 11. Numerical Differentiation and Integration. 12. Ordinary Differential Equations: Initial-Value Problems. 13. Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations. 14. Ordinary Differential Equations: Boundary Value Problems. 15. Partial Differential Equations. Bibliography. Answers to Selected Exercises. Subject Index. Author Index.

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