A workbook in phonology


A workbook in phonology

Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson

Blackwell, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [127]-130) and index



A Workbook in Phonology has been written to accompany A Course in Phonology, but may be used as a self-contained work or in conjunction with other teaching books. It contains over a hundred exercises, arranged in order of difficulty within each section, and covering the areas of distinctive features, underspecification, syllables, stress, tone, the phonology/morphology interface, phonological domains, derivational formalism, and Optimality Theory.As an accompanying volume, it is specifically related to the chapters and sections of A Course in Phonology, and it includes an Exercise Cross-Reference Table to facilitate its use.


Preface. Part I: Phonetics. Part II: Foundations of Phonology. Part III: Syllables. Part IV: Stress. Part V: Tone. Part VI: The Interaction Between Phonology and Morphology. Part VII: Phonological Domains. Part VIII: Aspects of Lexical Representation: Feature Geometry and Underspecification. Part IX: Derivational Theory. Part X: Optimality Theory. References. Language Details. Cross-Reference. Correspondences with A Course in Phonology.

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