Islam and democracy : fear of the modern world

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Islam and democracy : fear of the modern world

Fatima Mernissi ; translated by Mary Jo Lakeland

Addison-Wesley, c1992

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Is Islam compatible with democracy? Must fundamentalists win out in the Middle East? The groundbreaking Islam and Democracy serves as a guide to the players--from feminists to fundamentalists--moving the pieces on the rather grim Muslim chessboard, and raises provocative questions about the possibilities for democracy and human rights in the Islamic world.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Gulf War: Fear and Its Boundaries * A Mutilated Modernity Fear of the Foreign West Fear of the Imam Fear of Democracy The United Nations Charter The Koran * Sacred Concepts And Profane Anxieties Fear of Freedom of Thought Fear of Individualism Fear of the Past Fear of the Present Womens Song: Destination Freedom Conclusion: The Simorgh Is Us!

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