China's seaborne trade with South and Southeast Asia (1200-1750)


China's seaborne trade with South and Southeast Asia (1200-1750)

Roderich Ptak

(Variorum collected studies series, CS638)

Ashgate, c1999

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Series no. of CIP data: CS640



This second selection of studies by Professor Ptak focuses on Chinese maritime trade in the medieval and early modern periods. The first section deals with contacts between China and individual places, in particular Timor, the Sulu Islands, southern India and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Chinese geographical and other accounts of these areas and the trade routes leading to them are examined and where possible, compared with Arabic and Western works from the colonial period. The second part looks at trade in specific commodities such as sandalwood, coral, horses, tortoise-shell, ebony, cloves and tea. Relevant Chinese terms, the uses of each commodity, and the production and distribution are analysed. Both qualitative and quantitative information is drawn from the sources and it is demonstrated that many trade items were much more significant in international business than has been thought. At the same time, these studies highlight the importance of Chinese consumption in driving world commodity flows.


  • Contents: Introduction
  • Geography, Routes and Regions: Some references to Timor in old Chinese records
  • Kurze Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten chinesischen Nachrichten zu den Sulu-Inseln wAhrend der Ming-Zeit
  • The northern trade route to the Spice Islands: South China Sea - Sulu Zone - North Moluccas, (14th to early 16th century)
  • Die Andamanen und Nikobaren nach chinesischen Quellen (Ende Sung bis Ming)
  • Yuan and Early Ming notices on the Kayal area in South India
  • The Maldive and Laccadive Islands (Lin Shan) in Ming records
  • Commodities: Terminology, Production, Uses, Trade: The transportation of sandalwood from Timor to China and Macao, c.1350-1600
  • Notes on the word 'Shanhu' and Chinese coral imports from maritime Asia, c.1250-1600
  • Pferde auf See: Ein vergessener Aspekt des maritimen chinesischen Handels im frA1/4hen 15. Jahrhundert
  • China and the trade in tortoise shell (Sung to Ming periods)
  • Ebenholz in China: Termini, Verwendung, Einfuhr (ca. 1200-1600)
  • China and the trade in Cloves, circa 960-1435
  • Asian trade in cloves circa 1500: Quantities and trade routes - a synopsis of Portuguese and other sources
  • Die Rolle der Chinesen, Portugiesen und HollAnder im Teehandel zwischen China und SA1/4dostasien (ca. 1600-1750)
  • Index.

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