International business organization : subsidiary management, entry strategies and emerging markets



International business organization : subsidiary management, entry strategies and emerging markets

edited by Fred Burton, Malcolm Chapman and Adam Cross

(The Academy of International Business series)

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 1999

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  • : us

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 307-334) and index



The fifth volume of the Academy of International Business Series concentrates on three crucial areas of International Business: organizational issues across multinational enterprises, international market entry strategy and emerging markets. It examines theory and practice in parent-subsidiary relationships, in host country and MNE interactions, and in the organizational response of international business to dynamics in the global economy.


  • Opening Chapter
  • J.H.Dunning PART ONE: SUBSIDIARIES AND THEIR STRATEGIES Host-Country Technological and Scientific Collaborations of MNE Subsidiaries
  • M.Papanastassiou & R.D.Pearce US MNC Affiliates in the UK: A Special Relationship?
  • J.H.Taggart On the Duration Dependence of MNE Investment
  • R.Mudambi Transfer of HRM Practices across Cultures : An American Company in Scotland
  • M.Tayeb An Evolutionary Analysis of Subsidiary Innovation and 'Reverse' Transfer in Multinational Companies
  • M.Yamin PART TWO: TRANSACTION COSTS/ENTRY STRATEGIES Strategic Motives and Selection Criteria in International Joint Ventures: Perspectives of UK Firms and Foreign Firms
  • K.Glaister Internalization and Multinational Banking
  • P.C.M.Fu A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Performance Measures and Factors Affecting International Joint Venture Performance
  • M.F.Boersma & P.N.Ghauri A Proposed Solution to the Transnational Structure Paradox
  • W.Sleeman, K.D.Brouthers & L.E.Brouthers Communication Costs and the Boundaries of the Multinational Enterprise
  • M.Casson & N.Wadeson PART THREE: EMERGING MARKETS Enforcement Costs and Co-operative Strategy in Emerging Business Systems
  • C.J.Choi, S.H.Lee & C.Millar Employee Ownership and Employment: The Case of Russian Privatized Firms
  • G.Sharpley, T.Buck, I.Filatotchev & M.Wright Segmenting the Market. An 'Old' Approach that Holds 'New' Promise for the FDI-Attraction Process in Developing Countries
  • E.J.Coyne Globalization and the Convergence of National Business Systems
  • H.Radice Cultural Compatibility in International Acquisitions
  • R.Schoenberg

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