Power programming in HP OpenView : developing CMIS applications


    • Caruso, Raymond
    • Kean, Mark


Power programming in HP OpenView : developing CMIS applications

Raymond Caruso, Mark Kean

(Hewlett-Packard professional books)

Prentice Hall PTR, 1997

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44301-0 Leverage HP OpenView's extraordinary power in telecommunications network management. HP OpenView is an extremely powerful network management platform, but many network management applications fail to leverage its full power. This book will help you develop robust telecommunications network management applications that leverage all of OpenView's capabilities, especially its support for CMIP and CMISE. Power Programming in HP OpenView first presents an overview of current network management protocols-and equally important, current telecommunications industry practices. Several typical telecommunications network management systems are discussed. These fundamentals are critical to any developer new to creating telecommunications network management applications-and they're a useful refresher even for experienced developers. In the context of telecommunications network management, the book then presents the overall architecture of the UNIX-based HP OpenView platforms-both Release 4.0 of the HP OpenView Network Node Manager platform, and Release 4.1 of the HP OpenView Distributed Management platform.Learn how each element and subsystem fits together in an overall architecture, and how they can be integrated in real-world applications. Understand how you can use the HP OpenView framework to integrate legacy systems and proprietary protocols. Then walk the construction of several integrated HP OpenView applications, working with HP OpenView's APIs and other integration points. These applications include basic X/Open XOM/XMP programming, useful utility functions, event management, and CMIS manager and agent systems. You'll find extensive, commented C source code and diagrams.Power Programming in HP OpenView is ideal for a wide range of telecommunications software developers and project managers, including: *Application developers new to network management *Experienced network management application developers new to HP OpenView *Developers and system integrators evaluating HP OpenView as a target management platform *Developers seeking an overview of recent HP OpenView architectural and integration enhancements A companion book, Developing Applications on HP OpenView Network Node Manager, will focus on developing HP OpenView applications for the enterprise network management community.


  • Introduction to telecommunications network management
  • common management information service
  • integration of proprietary management protocols
  • HP OpenView distributed management platform architecture
  • HP OpenView Application
  • HP OpenView object registration
  • introduction to X/Open XOM/XMP API
  • utility functions for XOM/XMP
  • building a CMIS manager
  • HP OpenView XOM package generator
  • HP OpenView code generator
  • HP OpenView event management
  • HP OpenView process management.

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