Resolving social dilemmas : dynamic, structural, and intergroup aspects


Resolving social dilemmas : dynamic, structural, and intergroup aspects

edited by Margaret Foddy ... [et al.]

Psychology Press, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 341-366) and index



First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


M. Foddy, M. Smithson, Theories and Strategies for Studying Social Dilemmas. Part I. Formal Models and Dynamic Systems Approaches. M. Smithson, Taking Exogenous Dynamics Seriously in Public Goods and Resource Dilemmas. Y. Watanabe, T. Yamagishi, Emergence of Strategies in a Selective Play Environment with Geographic Mobility. E. Takagi, Generalized Exchange and the Emergence of Social Order. A. Rapoport, W. Almadoss, Social Dilemmas Embedded in Between-group Competitions: Effects of Contest and Distribution Rates. W. Au, Sequential Effects in Give-some and Take-some Social Dilemmas. Part II. Control Systems and Structural Solutions. N. Kerr, Anonymity and Social Control in Social Dilemmas. M. van Vugt, Managing Natural Resource Dilemmas Through Structural Change. A. Franzen, The Volunteer's Dilemma: Theoretical Models and Empirical Evidence. S. Suleiman, K. Or-Chen, Providing Step-level Public Goods Under Uncertainty: The Case of Probable External Supply. M. Beckenkamp, Sanctioning as an Ambiguous Structural Solution. Xiao-Ping Chen, Work Team Cooperation: A Longitudinal Study on the Effects of Reward Allocation Rules. J. Webb, Structural Change Decision-Making in Social Dilemmas: A Preliminary Framework. Part III. Linking Individual and Group Processes. D. Messick, Models of Decision Making in Social Dilemmas. T. Garling, A. Biel, M. Gustafsson, Managing Uncertain Common Resources. G. Hertel, Mood Effects in Social Dilemmas. A. Biel, C. von Borgstede, U. Dahlstrand, Norm Perception and Cooperation in Large-scale Social Dilemmas. S. Schneider, J. Sundali, Curbside Recycling: Does it Promote Environmental Responsibility? J. Garvill, Factors Influencing Elementary and Instrumental Cooperation in Choice of Transportation Mode. J. Schopler, C.A. Insko, The Role of Future Consequences in the Reduction of the Interindividual-intergroup Discontinuity Effect. B. Morrison, Interdependence, the Group, and Social Cooperation: A New Look at an Old Problem. M. Foddy, M. Hogg, Leaders and Social Dilemmas: The Intergroup Context. S. Schneider, M. Brewer, Social Dilemmas and Social Evolution.

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