Small worlds, global lives : islands and migration


Small worlds, global lives : islands and migration

edited by Russell King and John Connell

(Island studies series)

Pinter, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



As "small worlds", where resources are often stretched, islands have had an intense experience of migration. For many small islands in a global era, migration represents a dialogue between different places, some urban, some rural. This book examines diverse facets of migration out of and into a variety of islands, from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific. It traces the way in which migration is of crucial importance, for demography, economics, culture, indeed the whole of island life and identity; it contrasts with the reality of emigration and the rhetoric of return. Topics explored include include migration and environmental change, language shifts, remittances, retirement migration, post-colonial identities and islanders on the Internet. The evidence shows that migration emerges our of islanders' needs, but inevitably transforms insular societies, changing values and expectations, yet rarely if ever contributing to a situation where it is no longer necessary.


  • Island migration in a changing world, John Connell, Russell King
  • from the periphery of the periphery - historical, cultural and literary perspectives on emigration from the minor islands of Ireland, Stephen Royle
  • the Azores - between Europe and North America, Allan M. Williams, Maria Lucinda Fonseca
  • emigration and demography in Cape Verde - escaping the Malthusian trap, Annababette Wils
  • insiders and outsiders - the role of insularity, migration and modernity on Grand Mana, New Brunswick, Joan Marshall
  • migration as a way of life - Nevis and the postwar labour movement to Britain, Margaret Byron
  • the breath of the beast - migration, volcanic disaster, place and identity in Monserrat, Stuart B. Philpott
  • Caribbean migration - motivation and choice of destination in West Indian literature, Brian Hudson
  • between the devil and a warm blue sea - islands and the migration experience in the fiction of Jamaica Kincaid, Rachel Hughes
  • "my island home" -the politics and poetics of the Torres Strait, John Connell
  • speaking of Norfolk Island - from dystopia to utopia? Peter Muhlhausler, Elaine Strafford
  • islanders in space - Tongans online, Helen Morton
  • spacial population mobility as social interaction - a Fijian island's multi-local village community, Carsten Felgentreff
  • the changing contours of migrant Samoan kinship, Cluny Macpherson, La'avasa Macpherson
  • islands as havens for retirement migration - finding a place in sunny Corfu, Gabriella Lazaridis et al.

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