Stuart England


    • Stroud, Angus


Stuart England

Angus Stroud

Routledge, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Stuart England is an invaluable introduction to the political, religious and social history of seventeenth-century England. It provides a wide-ranging and lively account of core events, drawing on both contemporary sources and the latest interpretations by modern historians. Starting with the legacy of Elizabeth I, and ending with the reign of William III and Mary. Stuart England covers all aspects of the monarchy, high and low politics and the culture of the people. Key topics include: * English society and religion * ideas of monarchy and government * finance and parliament * foreign policy With comprehensive questions and analysis, exercises, diagrams and maps,Stuart England provides an excellent and indispensable guide to English history of the seventeenth century.


1 The Stuart inheritance 2 James I, 1603-25 3 Charles I, 1625-9 4 The Personal Rule of Charles I, 1629-40 5 Political conflict, 1640-2 6 Civil War, 1642-6 7 The Search for a Settlement, 1646-9 8 The European context 9 The Republic, 1649-60 10 Charles II, 1660-73 11 Charles II, 1673-85 12 James II, 1685-8 13 Glorious Revolution?, 1688-1701

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