vi editor : pocket reference


vi editor : pocket reference

Arnold Robbins

O'Reilly, 1999

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For many users, working in the UNIX environment means using vi, a full-screen text editor available on most UNIX systems. Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features. The vi Editor Pocket Reference is a companion volume to O'Reilly's updated sixth edition of Learning the vi Editor, a complete guide to text editing with vi. New topics in Learning the vi Editor include multi-screen editing and coverage of four vi clones: vim, elvis, nvi, and vile. This small book is a handy reference guide to the information in the larger volume, presenting movement and editing commands, the command-line options, and other elements of the vi editor in an easy-to-use tabular format.


Introduction Conventions 1.Command-Line Options Commands 3.Input Mode Shortcuts 4.Substitution and Regular Expressions 5.ex Commands 6.Initialization and Recovery Options 8.Enhanced Tags and Tag Stacks 9.nvi-New vi 10.elvis 11.vim-vi Improved 12.vile-vi Like Emacs 13.Clone Source and Contact Information

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