The government and politics of the European Union


The government and politics of the European Union

Macmillan, c1999

4th ed

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Previous ed.: 1994

Includes "bibliography and references" (p.550-559) and index



Review comments on previous editions: 'Nugent manages throughout to convey the complexity of the EC system without confusing the reader. In short, it is an excellent book with which it is difficult to find fault.' - West European Politics '...this is by far the best teaching text on the European Community that I have come across.' - Journal of Common Market Studies 'Neill Nugent has once again supplied us with a definitive textbook on the institutions and politics of the European Union. However it is much more than this. It is an essential reference book for both the academic and practitioner...[and] a masterful effort at explaining the inexplicable and at making the opaque transparent.' - Chris Lord, Political Studies 'The book is well organised, well researched, and clearly written. It answers almost every factual question that the undergraduate is likely to ask about the existing organizational structure of the Community, and the judgements that the author offers from time to time are invariably sound and sensible.' - Government and Opposition The new fourth edition of Neill Nugent's Government and Politics of the European Union has been revised throughout to bring it fully up-to-date with recent developments. Already established as the leading text in its field, it continues to provide a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the evolution of the EU and its institutions and policy processes, but now also includes an entirely new section on integration theory.


List of Tables, Figures, Exhibits and Documents - Preface to the Fourth Edition - List of Abbreviations - Map of the Member States of the European Union - PART 1: THE HISTORICAL EVOLUTION - The Transformation of Western Europe - European Integration and the States of Western Europe - The Creation of the European Community - From European Community to European Union - The Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties - PART 2: THE INSTITUTIONS AND POLITICAL ACTORS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION - The Commission - The Council of Ministers - The European Council - The European Parliament - European Union Law and the Court of Justice - Other Institutions and Actors - PART 3: POLICIES AND POLICY PROCESSES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION - Introduction - Policies - Policy Processes - The Budget - Agricultural Policy and Policy Processes - External Relations - National Influences and Controls on European Union Processes - PART 4: STEPPING BACK AND LOOKING FORWARD - Conceptualising and Theorising - Present Realities and Future Prospects - APPENDIX: Tables of Equivalences - Chronology of Main Events in the European Integration Process - Guide to Further Reading - Bibliography and References - Index

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