Woman : an intimate geography


Woman : an intimate geography

Natalie Angier

Virago Press, 1999

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Includes bibliography and index

"First published in the United States by Houghton Mifflin Company, New York" -- T.p. verso



This book brings to the understanding of the female body the talents of one of the most gifted science writers in English. Beginning with the egg & ending with the love of the female body is the template in this witty, searching, gleefully opinionated book. 'The idea of the body as a package of discrete organs, each operating independently of one another, is fast becoming outmoded & nearly useless. In fact, the interactions between organ systems are what count; they make us who we are,' says Angier. These interactions have stories to tell about the sources of aggression & sexuality, female sensations & smells, anger & pleasure. She explores hormones-oestrogen, testosterone, serotonin, adrenaline, pheromones-the chemistry of orgasm, pregnancy, breast milk & menopause. What can biology tell us about who we are? Every chapter is one to marvel at. Cumulatively, they 'sing the body electric,' as Walt Whitman wrote. From the double vantage of calm scrutiny & personal passion, this book gives us a fresh vision of what makes a woman.

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