Damon Hill : my championship year


Damon Hill : my championship year

Damon Hill ; photographs by Jon Nicholson

Warner, 1997, c1996

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Originally published: London : Little, Brown, 1996



The behind-the-scenes story of Damon Hill's 1996 Formula One Championship year - a tale of recovery, determination and effort, and an insight into the transition from challenger to winner. In his own words, Hill charts the emotions and excitement of the marathon 16-race Grand Prix circus. He describes the strains, stresses and pressures behind the garage doors; the massive effort required to revive his title challenge - and lifelong dream - with the Rothmans Williams Renault team; the fears and thrills which punctuated his progress; and the setback of his parting from Williams and his subsequent joining of the Arrows team. From the clamour and glamour of the pit, to the privacy of the motor home, Damon Hill recounts his story of triumph.

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