Shakespeare and the globe


Shakespeare and the globe

edited by Stanley Wells

(Shakespeare survey : an annual survey of Shakespearian study & production / edited by Allardyce Nicoll, 52)

Cambridge University Press, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Shakespeare Survey is a yearbook of Shakespeare studies and production. Since 1948 Survey has published the best international scholarship in English and many of its essays have become classics of Shakespeare criticism. Each volume is devoted to a theme, or play, or group of plays; each also contains a section of reviews of the previous year's textual and critical studies and of major British performances. The books are illustrated with a variety of Shakespearean images and production photographs. The current editor of Survey is Peter Holland. The first eighteen volumes were edited by Allardyce Nicoll, numbers 19-33 by Kenneth Muir and numbers 34-52 by Stanley Wells. The virtues of accessible scholarship and a keen interest in performance, from Shakespeare's time to our own, have characterised the journal from the start. Now backnumbers are gradually being reissued in paperback.


  • 1. Reconstruction of the Globe: a retrospective Gabriel Egan
  • 2. 'Useful in the Year 1999': William Poel and Shakespeare's 'Build of Stage' Marion O'Connor
  • 3. Re-constructing the Globe, constructing ourselves W. B. Worthen
  • 4. From liturgy to the Globe: the changing concept of space Jerzy Limon
  • 5. The arithmetic of memory: Shakespeare's theatre and the national past Anthony B. Dawson
  • 6. Maximal and minimal tests: Shakespeare v. the Globe Andrew Gurr
  • 7. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet: everything's nice in America? Barbara Hodgdon
  • 8. Which is the Jew that Shakespeare knew? Shylock on the Elizabethan Stage Charles Edelman
  • 9. A little touch of Harry in the light: Henry V at the New Globe Yu Jin Ko
  • 10. Gulls, cony-catchers and cozeners: Twelfth Night and the Elizabethan underworld Angela Hurworth
  • 11. The Globe, the Court and Measure for Measure John Astington
  • 12. Macbeth and the antic round Stephen Orgel
  • 13. Macbeth/Umbatha: global Shakespeare in a post-colonial market Kate McLuskie
  • 14. When all is true: law, history and problems of knowledge in Henry VIII Barbara Kreps
  • 15. 'All which it inherit': Shakespeare, Globes and global media Peter Donaldson
  • 16. 'Delicious traffick': alterity and exchange on early modern stages Ania Loomba
  • 17. The 1998 Globe season Richard Proudfoot
  • 18. Shakespeare performances in England 1998 Robert Smallwood
  • 19. Professional Shakespeare productions in the British Isles, January - December 1997 Niky Rathbone
  • 20. The year's contributions to Shakespeare studies: 1. Critical studies reviewed by Janette Dillon
  • 2. Shakespeare's life, times and stage reviewed by Alison Findlay
  • 3. Editions and textual studies reviewed by Eric Rasmussen.

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