Emergency nursing core curriculum


Emergency nursing core curriculum

Emergency Nurses Association

W.B. Saunders, c2000

5th ed.

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The fifth edition of this outstanding resource outlines the distinct core knowledge base for emergency nursing in a systematic, concise, efficient, and practical manner. Each section provides a systems approach to general assessment; a specific description of each disease entity; a thorough clinical and diagnostic evaluation; and a definitive care and disposition.


The Nursing Process: Assessment and Priority Setting . Abdominal Emergencies . Cardiovascular Emergencies . Dental, Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies . Environmental Emergencies . Facial Emergencies . General Medical Emergencies Part I . General Medical Emergencies Part II . Genitourinary Emergencies . Mental Health Emergencies . Multisystem Emergencies . Obstetrical and Gynecological Emergencies . Ocular Emergencies . Organ and Tissue Donation and Post-Transplant Emergencies . Orthopedic Emergencies . Pain Management . Respiratory Emergencies . Shock Emergencies . Toxicological Emergencies . Wound Management . Emergency Patient Transfer and Transport . Disaster/Hazmat . Legal Issues . Education . Professionalism and Leadership . NANDA Approved Nursing Diagnoses . Nursing Diagnosis Based Patient Outcomes . Glasgow Coma Scale - Infant and Adult . Glossary . ACIP Recommended Schedule of Vaccinations . Mini-Mental Status Examination . Universal Precautions: General Guidelines . Drug Calculations for Vasoactive Medications . Rapid Sequence Intubation . Advanced Practice

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