Net profit : how to invest and compete in the real world of Internet business


    • Cohan, Peter S.


Net profit : how to invest and compete in the real world of Internet business

Peter S. Cohan

(The Jossey-Bass business & management series)

Jossey-Bass, c1999

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 295-300) and indexes



The recent Internet stock crash has caused investors and managers to throw the baby out with the bath water. The gloom surrounding many publicly traded Internet companies makes objective evaluation of their performance difficult. In Net Profit, author Peter Cohan breaks down the complexity of the Internet market by answering two basic questions: Who makes money on Internet-related business? And how do they do it? His incisive analyses of leading Internet companies, their competitors, and their chances for continued growth pinpoint the factors that investors and managers in Internet business must examine to ensure future success. For excerpts and more detailed information on Net Profit, click here.


  • Preface
  • The Author
  • Net Profit
  • Net Infrastructure: The Levi's of the 1990's
  • Web Consulting: It's All About Commitment
  • Internet Venture Capital: Money Dictates
  • Internet Security
  • Web Portals: Walking Through Virtual Doors
  • Electronic Commerce: Profitless Prosperity?
  • Web Content: Let's Talk About Us
  • Internet Service Providers: Oceans of Red Ink
  • Web Commerce Tools: Virtual Plumbing
  • What Have We Learned? Lessons for Present and Future Profits
  • Managers: Can the Web Improve Your Business
  • From Lossware to Powerware: Advice for Internet Management and Investment
  • Reference
  • Subject Index
  • Company Name Index
  • .

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