Politics in Mexico : the decline of authoritarianism


    • Camp, Roderic Ai


Politics in Mexico : the decline of authoritarianism

Roderic Ai Camp

Oxford University Press, 1999

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This introduction to the politics of Mexico examines not only the roots of Mexico's contemporary political culture, but its structure of government and electoral process, corruption, foreign policy, the impact of political and economic modernization since 1988, and the possibilities for Mexico's future. The new edition of the book has been updated to include 1997 electoral data and polling material, and expanded sections on women, drug-related corruption, non-governmental organizations and human rights groups, and armed forces in Mexico, as well as a new discussion of the influence of recent congressional and judicial reforms on decision making. This book is intended for undergraduates in political science courses on the government and politics of Latin America or comparitive politics, and history courses on the history of Mexico.


  • Mexico in comparitive context
  • political-historical roots - the impact of time and place
  • contemporary political culture - what Mexicans value
  • political values and their origins - partisanship, alienation, and tolerance
  • rising to the top - the recruitment of political leadership
  • groups and state - what is the relationship?
  • who governs? - the structure of decision making
  • expanding particpation - the electoral process
  • external relations - relations with the United States
  • politics and economic modernization - a revolution?.

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