The second century : U.S.-Latin American relations since 1889


The second century : U.S.-Latin American relations since 1889

Mark T. Gilderhus

(Latin American silhouettes)

Scholarly Resources, c2000

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The Second Century: U.S.-Latin American Relations since 1889 focuses on U.S. relations with Latin America during the second century, a period bounded by the advent of the New Diplomacy late in the nineteenth century and the end of the Cold War about one hundred years later. This text provides a balanced perspective as it presents both the United States's view that the Western Hemisphere needed to unite under a common democratic, capitalistic society, and the Latin American countries' response to U.S. attempts to impose these goals on their southern neighbors. This book examines the reciprocal interactions between the two regions, each with distinctive purposes, outlooks, interests, and cultures. It also places U.S.-Latin American relations within the larger context of global politics and economics. The Second Century is an excellent text for courses in Latin American history and diplomatic history.


Chapter 1 Expansion, Empire, and Intervention, 1889-1913 Chapter 2 Revolution, War, and Expansion, 1913-1929 Chapter 3 Depression, War, and the Good Neighbor, 1929-1945 Chapter 4 Cold War, Dependency, and Change, 1945-1959 Chapter 5 Castro, Cuba, and Containment, 1959-1979 Chapter 6 Since 1979: The Limits of Hegemony?

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