Trollope and the magazines : gendered issues in mid-Victorian Britain


Trollope and the magazines : gendered issues in mid-Victorian Britain

Mark W. Turner

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Trollope and the Magazines examines the serial publication of several of Trollope's novels in the context of the gendered discourses in a range of Victorian magazines - including Cornhill, Good Words, Saint Pauls , and the Fortnightly Review . It highlights the importance of the periodical press in the literary culture of Victorian Britain, and argues that readers today need to engage with the lively cultural debates in the magazines, in order better to appreciate the complexity of Trollope's popular fiction.


Figures Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Trollope in the 1990s Domestic Ideology and Gendered Space in Cornhill Magazine Uncovering Periodical Identities: Good Words and the Rejection of Rachel Ray Launching a Hybrid: The Belton Estate in the Fortnightly Review Transitions: Phineas Finn and Masculinity in Saint Pauls Magazine The Editor as Predator in Saint Pauls Magazine Conclusion: Towards a Cultural Critique of Victorian Periodicals Appendices Bibliography Index

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