Principles of electric circuits


Principles of electric circuits

Thomas L. Floyd

Prentice Hall, c2000

6th ed

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For courses in Electric Circuits I & II, Introduction to Electric Circuits, and DC/AC Circuits.Acclaimed for its strong emphasis on troubleshooting, this full-color text provides a clear introduction to DC/AC circuits supported by an abundance of exercises, examples, and illustrations-empowering students with the knowledge, insight, and problem-solving experience they need to step out of the classroom and into a job. Fully supported by an instructional visual program that includes photographs, illustrations, tables and charts, includes specially designed, hands-on "Technology Theory Into Practice" (TECH Tips) sections linking principles to real world practices, and limits the use of mathematics to only those concepts that are needed for understanding.


1. Components, Quantities and Units. 2. Voltage, Current, and Resistance. 3. Ohm's Law. 4. Energy and Power. 5. Series Circuits. 6. Parallel Circuits. 7. Series-Parallel Circuits. 8. Circuit Theorems and Conversions. 9. Branch, Mesh, and Node Analysis. 10. Magnetism and Electromagnetism. 11. Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage. 12. Phasors and Complex Numbers. 13. Capacitors. 14. Inductors. 15. Transformers. 16. RC Circuits. 17. RL Circuits. 18. RLC Circuits and Resonance. 19. Basic Filters. 20. Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis. 21. Pulse Response of Reactive Circuits. 22. Polyphase Systems in Power Applications. Appendix A: Table of Standard Resistor Values. Appendix B: Batteries. Appendix C: Derivations. Appendix D: Capacitor Color Coding. Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems. Glossary. Index.

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