History of Africa


History of Africa

Kevin Shillington

Macmillan, 1989

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A study of the history of the continent, from prehistoric times to the aftermath of World War II and the development of independent African states. Factors such as tribal migrations, trade, colonialism and industrialization are examined in the context of the development of Africa. Kevin Shillington also wrote "The Colonisation of Southern Tswana", "History of Southren Africa" and "Junior Certificate History of Zimbabwe".


  • Early prehistory of Africa
  • later prehistory - the development and spread of farming and pastoralism
  • the impact of iron in north-east and west Africa
  • the early Iron Age and Bantu migrations
  • north and north-eastern Africa to 1000 AD
  • trans-Sahara trade and the Kingdom of ancient Ghana
  • Islam and the Sudanic states of west Africa
  • eastern Africa to the 16th century
  • trading states of the east African coast to the 16th century
  • later Iron Age states and societies of central and southern Africa to 1600 AD
  • north and north-east Africa to the 18th century
  • the Atlantic slave trade, 16th to 18th centuries
  • west African states and societies to the 18th century
  • central and eastern Africa to the 18th century
  • southern Africa to the 18th century
  • west Africa in the 19th century and the ending of the slave trade
  • east and central Africa in the 19th century
  • pre-industrial southern Africa in the 19th century
  • north and north-east Africa in the 19th century
  • prelude to empire in tropical Africa
  • the European "scramble", colonial conquest and African resistance in east, north-central and west Africa
  • industrialization, colonial conquest and African resistance in south-central and southern Africa
  • consolidation of empire - the early period of colonial rule
  • Africa between the wars - the high tide of colonial rule
  • World War II and Africa
  • the winning of independence
  • Africa since independence.

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