Cochlear implantation for infants and children : advances


    • Clark, Graeme
    • Cowan, Robert S. C.
    • Dowell, Richard C.


Cochlear implantation for infants and children : advances

senior editor, Graeme M. Clark ; editors, Robert S. C. Cowan, Richard C. Dowell

(A Singular audiology text)

Singular Pub. Group, c1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Cochlear implantation in children is a rapidly expanding area and recent clinical advances and research studies in the field have confirmed the extent of its benefits for children. This timely book brings together contributions from a group of experts who work with cochlear implantations at the Melbourne Clinic in Australia, which has been at the forefront of recent advances in instrumentation and clinical management of infants and children with cochlear implants. TEXTBOOK


Preface. Contributors. Acknowledments. Introduction. Historical Perspectives. Biological Safety. The Melbourne Cochlear Implant Clinic Program. Preoperative Medical Evaluation. Preoperative Audiological, Speech, and Language Evaluation. Surgery. Engineering. Speech Processor Programming. Habilitation: Infants and Young Children. Habilitation: Shool-Age Children/Adolescents. Evaluation of Benefit: Infants and Children. Socio-economic and Educational Management Issues. Ethical Issues. Epilogue. Index.

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