The structure and reproduction of corn


The structure and reproduction of corn

T.A. Kiesselbach

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, c1999

50th Anniversary ed.

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Originally published: Lincoln : University of Nebraska, 1949

Includes bibliographical references (p. 93-96) and index



The 1949 publication The Structure and Reproduction of Corn, by Theodore Kiesselbach is an indispensable source of knowledge for plant biologists throughout the world but has long been unavailable in printed form. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the appearance of this important work, a new edition has been published on high quality paper that brings out the best in the text's finely detailed illustrations. This edition includes a historical introduction that illuminates the man behind the science, an investigator who applied the lessons of studies of hybrid vigor to create a revolution in corn breeding that transformed the economy of the American prairie states. This small, attractive book is a must for everyone interested in plant development.


A Note from the Publisher Objectives Description and Botanical Relationship Contrast of Maydeae and Andropogoneae Origin of Corn The Life Cycle of Corn Development and Structure of Vegetative Parts The Kernel or Seed Seed Germination and Seedling Development The Root System Initials of root tissues Differentiation of root tissues Origin of root branches The Stem Internodes Nodes The Leaf Leaves of the embryo Leaves of the seedling and mature plant Parts of a leaf Development of the sheath and blade of the leaf Arrangement of tissue The epidermis Distribution of stomata Origin and development of stomata Development and Structure of the Reproductive Organs Development of Tassel and Staminate Spikelets Differentiation of tissues Reduction-division Microspores or pollen grains Shedding of pollen Amount of pollen produced Development of the Ear Shoot and Pistillate Inflorescence Differentiation of the tissues Reduction-division Development of the embryo sac Reproduction and Kernel Development Pollination and Germination of Pollen Fertilization Development of the Endosperm The Antipodal Cells in Later Stages of Kernel Development Development of the Embryo The Mature Kernel Inheritance in Corn Genes Xenia Maternal Inheritance Chromosomal Aberrations Inbreeding and Heterosis Corn Breeding Breeding procedure Hybrid seed production Literature Cited Index

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