Routing in the Internet


Routing in the Internet

Christian Huitema

Prentice Hall PTR, c2000

2nd ed

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2264G-2 The Internet routing best-seller-now completely updated! Nobody knows more about Internet routing than Christian Huitema, former head of the Internet Architecture Board. Now, he's completely updated his classic best-seller on Internet routing to deliver the critical information that networking and software professionals need right now. Routing in the Internet, Second Edition offers unparalleled practical insight for architecting 21st century enterprise networks. You'll find all this, and more: *Internet Quality of Service (QoS) technologies, including policy routing and Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) *Extensively updated coverage of the OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) intra-company protocol *Revamped, in-depth coverage of BGPv4 for connecting enterprises to Internet Service Providers *IPv6: Rationale, goals, technical details, and key migration issues *Internet multicasting: how it works, and how you can use it today *Mobile IP: a preview of anywhere, anytime Internet connectivity PC Week called the first edition of Routing in the Internet "surprisingly approachable"; IEEE Communications called it "excellent." Communications and networking professionals worldwide will call Routing in the Internet, Second Edition absolutely indispensable.


1. Introduction to Routing in the Internet. The Worldwide Internet. How Is It Organized? A Study of Routing. Acknowledgments.I. ARCHITECTURE AND PROTOCOLS 2. The Internet Architecture. Is There an Internet Architecture? The End-to-End Argument. IP over Everything. Connectivity Is Its Own Reward. Developing the Internet Architecture. The Future of the Internet.3. The Internet Protocol. Model of Operation. The Internet Addresses. The Internet Protocol. ICMP. Sending IP Packets. IP and Companion Protocols. Interconnecting Local Networks.4. From IPv4 to IPv6. IPv6 Address Architecture. The IPv6 Header Format. ICMP v6. Address Resolution. Automatic Configuration. When Will We Deploy IPv6?II. INTERIOR ROUTING PROTOCOLS 5. Why Is RIP So Simple? Routing Information Protocol. An Introduction to Distance Vector Protocols. RIP, Version 1. RIP, Version 2. Using RIPng for IPv6. Further Improvements. The Cost of Simplicity.6. Why Is OSPF So Complex? Open Shortest Path First. What Is a Link State Routing Protocol? Why Is a Link State Protocol Better? The Design of OSPF. The Link State Database. The Protocols within OSPF. OSPF for IPv6. Research and Developments. Complexity and Services.7. Other Routing Protocols. RIP and OSPF Are Not Alone. Routers or Intermediate Systems? IGRP. Enhanced IGRP. Choosing Routing Protocols.III. EXTERIOR ROUTING PROTOCOLS 8. EGP: A First Step Toward The Global Internet. Splitting the Internet into Autonomous Systems. Exchanging Information through EGP. Routes, Distances, and Loops. The Limits of EGP. Developing BGP.9. With BGP and CIDR Toward the World Wide Internet. Exponential Growth and the Need for CIDR. The Concept of Path Vectors. The Border Gateway Protocol. Synchronizing with the IGP. Growing Pains.10. Growing Pains: From CIDR to IPv6. Addresses, Networks, and Routing Tables. The Structure of Interconnections. Routing Table Aggregation and Address Allocation. Is IPv6 the Solution? Waiting for the New IP.11. Policy Routing. The Objectives of Policy Routing. Provider Selection. The IDPR Approach. Multi-Protocol Label Switching. The Future of Policy Routing.IV. NEW DEVELOPMENTS 12. IP Multicast Routing. Benefits of Multicast. Multicast Routing. Multicast Routing Protocols for the Internet. Internet Multicast Today. IP Multicast Deployment Issues. The Future of Multicast Routing.13. Mobility. Mobile Hosts. The Objectives of IP Mobility. Architecture/Terminology. Protocols and Conventions. Further Refinements. Mobility and IPv6. The Future of Mobility.14. Network Service Quality and Resource Reservation. Queues and Delays. Queuing and Scheduling. A Reservation Protocol. Do We Need Resource Reservation? Differentiated Services. Future Internet Services.15. Toward the New IP. The Internet Lives. Address Depletion. Preparing for IPv6.Index.

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