Walk on water : a memoir


Walk on water : a memoir

Lorian Hemingway

Simon & Schuster, c1998

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From catfishing as a young girl in the red clay waters of Mississippi, to deep-sea fishing in the Florida Keys with her grandfather's younger brother, Leicester, Lorian Hemingway has spent a large part of her life with a fishing rod in her hand. Fishing was a passion that would sustain her even as the burden of a broken family and her own alcoholism threatened to overcome her. WALK ON WATER is a poignant and powerful memoir about loss, recovery, coping with the family you are born into, and making a family of your own. But above all it is a homage to fishing - its ability to bind people, to challenge, and ultimately to heal. Full of dry wit and keen appreciation for the absurdities of life, Lorian Hemingway sees fishing as more than simply a metaphor for her life; it is her own psychic barometer. By turns moving, raw, wry, and hilarious, WALK ON WATER is a stirring memoir by a woman who, like her quarry, is full of fight and life.

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