Distribution : planning and control


    • Ross, David Frederick


Distribution : planning and control

David Frederick Ross

(Chapman & Hall materials management/logistics series)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998

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This text/reference provides guidelines for implementing formal distribution, planning and control systems. It presents distribution management as a vital part of a firm's overall strategic planning, while focusing on practical applications of the strategies discussed. Coverage is also given to the impact and importance of distribution on the global market place.


  • Part 1 Defining the logistics and distribution environment: enterprise integrative management
  • defining the logistics function
  • today's logistics operations challenge
  • evolution of modern logistics and distribution management
  • enterprise integrative management
  • questions for review
  • the distribution management environment
  • defining the term "distributor"
  • types of distributors
  • role of the distributor
  • understanding the wholesale industry
  • enterprise organization
  • the physical management of distribution
  • questions for review. Part 2 Top management planning: business and strategic planning
  • defining business goals and strategies
  • the strategic planning process
  • trends in distribution management
  • logistics as a competitive weapon
  • developing the business plan
  • questions for review
  • forecasting in the distribution environment
  • forecasting in the distribution environment
  • forecasting - an overview
  • forecasting types
  • qualitative techniques
  • quantative techniques
  • casual types
  • developing the forecast
  • why forecasts fail
  • problems
  • questions for review
  • marketing, sales and logistics planning - defining marketing, sales and logistics planning
  • trends in marketing, sales, logistics
  • developing distribution channels
  • products and services
  • developing markets
  • logistics resource requirements planning
  • integration of plans
  • questions for review. Part 3 Logistics operations planning: managing distribution inventories
  • nature and function of inventory
  • trend in inventory
  • the inventory management process
  • inventory costs
  • inventory valuation
  • inventory control
  • ABC analysis and cycle counting
  • performance management
  • problems
  • questions for review
  • replenishment inventory planning
  • inventory planning techniques
  • inventory replenishment techniques - an overview
  • defining the order point
  • order point methods
  • order quantity techniques
  • inventory replenishment planning process
  • inventory operations in a multiechelon environment
  • problems
  • questions for review
  • distribution requirements planning
  • problems with statistical techniques
  • historical view
  • basics of DRP
  • DRP processing
  • DRP compared to statistical order point
  • DRP in a multiechelon environment
  • DRP planning process
  • detailed logistics capacity planning
  • issues in distribution requirements planning
  • just-in-time
  • questions for review
  • problems. Part 4 Logistics operations execution: customer service and order management
  • defining customer service
  • managing customer service
  • characteristics of customer service leaders
  • order management
  • quick response
  • questions for review.

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