Readings for research methods in criminology and criminal justice


Readings for research methods in criminology and criminal justice

edited by M.L. Dantzker

Butterworth-Heinmann, c1999

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This is a collection of articles on the practical uses of research methods in various criminal justice and criminology settings.This book will offer students a look at research methods by presenting cases where they are used in policing, sentencing, probation, crime etc. The chapters are contributed by criminal justice and criminology scholars from previously unpublished articles. Readings for Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice is a collection of original articles. The diversity of the articles makes this book uniquely comprehensive, and appropriate as a standalone text or a companion book to another Research Methods textbook. Topics covered in this book include: Attitudes and perceptions Community policing Crime Cultural diversity training Data analyses Female offenders


*Some Impressions from a Qualitative Study of Implementation of Community Policing in North Carolina - John M. Memory, University of North Carolina- Pembroke * The Conceptualization and Operationalization of the Intervening Dimensions of Social Disorganization - Laura J. Moriarity, Virginia Commonwealth University * Examining Students' Perceptions of Policing - A Pre and Post Comparison between Students in Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice Courses- M.L.Dantzker, Georgia Southern University and J. Eugene Waters, Georgia Southern University * Human/Cultural Diversity Training for Justice Personnel- Marilyn Chandler-Ford, Volusia County Department of Corrections and Lexie Williams, Daytona Beach, Florida, Police Department * Women Offenders, Drug Addiction and Crime - Dennis J. Stevens, Mount Olive College * Measuring Violent Crime in North Carolina - Laura J. Moriarity, Virginia Commonwealth University, William V. Pelfrey, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Michael L. Vasu, North Carolina State University * Correctional Officers' Attitudes Toward Delinquents and Delinquency - Jill Gordon, Virginia Commonwealth University * A Survey of Citizen Perceptions of Treatment and Satisfaction with a Telephone Service Option in a Rural Sheriff's Department- Colleen Fitzpatrick, University of Northern Colorado * Women as Organized Criminals: An Examination of the Numbers Gambling Industry in New York City - Donald R. Liddick Jr., University of Pittsburg-Greensburg * A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Analysis of Federal Asset Forfeiture- Greg L. Warchol, Bureau of Justice Studies and Brian R. Johnson, Grand Valley State University*Accessing Data - Chrisann M.Flanyak, University of Illinois, Chicago

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