Ethnic conflict in India : a case-study of Punjab


Ethnic conflict in India : a case-study of Punjab

Gurharpal Singh

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 223-225) and index

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Is India unique in politically managing ethnic conflicts? This book evaluates critically the conventional wisdom which argues that it is. By focusing on India's nation and state-building in the peripheral regions since 1947 and contemporary developments, it suggests that India should be considered as a form of ethnic democracy. Within India's ethnic democracy, hegemonic and violent control is exercised over minorities, especially religious communities constituting majorities in the federating units. A detailed case-study is provided of the management of the 'Punjab proble' - the growth and containment of Sikh ethno-nationalism and, after 1984, the suppression of the separatist movement for Khalistan, a Sikh state. The long-term development of ethno-nationalist separatist movements, the book argues, is inextricably linked to the future character of Indian democracy. This is assessed in light of the challenge posed by the rise of Hindutva forces, the demise of Nehruvianism, and the internal political and economic pressures towards regionalization.

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This important new book critically evaluates the conventional reading of ethnicity and ethnic conflict in contemporary Indian politics. By focusing on India's nation and state-building in the peripheral regions since 1947, in particular Punjab, it argues that there is a case for considering India as an ethnic democracy.


List of Tables, Maps and Figures Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations PART I: ETHNICITY, ETHNIC CONFLICT AND INDIAN POLITICS Introduction Perspectives on Ethnic Conflict in Indian Politics What is Happening to the Political Science of Ethnic Conflict? Reassessing 'Conventional Wisdom': Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflict, and India as an Ethnic Democracy The Partition of India as State Contraction: Some Unspoken Assumptions PART 2: PUNJAB AND THE SIKHS Introduction Sikh Ethnicity and Punjab Hegemonic Control: Punjab Politics, 1947-84 Understanding the 'Punjab Problem' PART 3: MILITANCY AND COUNTERINSURGENCY: RESTRUCTURING SIKH POLITICS Introduction The 'Punjab Problem': A Post-1984 Assessment Punjab Legislative Assembly Elections 1992: Breakthrough or Breakdown? Punjab Since 1984: Disorder, Order and Legitimacy PART 4: HINDUTVA , AKALIS AND THE BJP: The 'PUNJAB PROBLEM' IN A COMPARATIVE INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Introduction India's Akali-BJP Alliance: The 1997 Legislative Assembly Elections Resizing and Reshaping the Indian State: The 'Punjab Problem' in a Comparative Perspective Selected Bibliography Index

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