All about the USA : a cultural reader


All about the USA : a cultural reader

Milada Broukal, Peter Murphy

Addison Wesley Longman, c1999

2nd ed

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As entertaining as they are informative, these stimulating cultural readers introduce students to typically American people, places, and things. The intriguing facts presented in the units not only give students information about the USA, but also inspire crosscultural exchange.


PART 1: PEOPLE I Unit 1: George Washington Unit 2: Amelia Earhart Unit 3: Jesse Owens Unit 4: Alexander Graham Bell PART 2: U.S.ORIGINALS I Unit 5: Thanksgiving Unit 6: Body Language Unit 7: Blue Jeans Unit 8: The American Cowboy PART 3: PLACES Unit 9: The Statue of Liberty Unit 10: Las Vegas Unit 11: The White House Unit 12: Hollywood Unit 13: Malls PART 4: PEOPLE II Unit 14: Harriet Beecher Stowe Unit 15: John F. Kennedy Unit 16: Bill Gates Unit 17: Noah Webster Unit 18: Henry Ford PART 5: FOOD Unit 19: The Hot Dog Unit 20: The Cranberry Unit 21: Coca-Cola Unit 22: The Hamburger PART 6: U.S.ORIGINALS II Unit 23: Jazz Unit 24: Baseball Unit 25: Uncle Sam Unit 26: The Gold Rush PART 7: NATURE Unit 27: The Bald Eagle Unit 28: Tornadoes Unit 29: The Joshua Tree Unit 30: Skunks, Raccoons, and Coyotes

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