Designing flexible object-oriented systems with UML


    • Richter, Charles


Designing flexible object-oriented systems with UML

Charles Richter

(Software engineering series)

Macmillan Technical, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Object-oriented development is the process of turning an idea or a problem specification into an object-oriented program. The resulting program is a large collection of objects that communicate with one another. Designing Flexible Object-Oriented Systems with UML takes you through the process of designing and developing a program that will meet your needs and be adaptable to new requirements in the future. This book provides both an understanding of object-oriented design and a progressive tutorial on UML, as well as detailed instructions on class and dynamic diagramming notation and developing classs and dynamic diagrams.


1. System Functional Models. 2. Class Diagramming Notation. 3. Developing Class Diagrams. 4. Flexibility Guidelines for Class Diagrams. 5. Dynamic Diagramming Notation. 6. Developing Dynamic Diagrams. 7. Flexibility Guidelines for Dynamic Diagrams. 8. Architectural Models. 9. Reuse: Libraries, Frameworks, Components, and Patterns. 10. Putting It All Together.

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