Egg nutrition and biotechnology



Egg nutrition and biotechnology

edited by J.S. Sim, S. Nakai, and W. Guenter

CABI Pub., 1999

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Major research is now directed at improving the nutritional quality of eggs, and at using eggs in other products. Due to the decline in the consumption of eggs in the past few decades, researchers from many disciplines have been lead to look at the egg beyond its traditional food value, and to focus on economically viable biomedical, nutraceutical and ovo-biotechnologies. Written by international experts, this book is based on proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Egg Nutrition and Newly Emerging Ovo-Biotechnologies, held in Banff, Canada, in April 1998. It includes 39 chapters, covering food fats and health, egg consumption, egg lipids and nutrition, ovo-technologies, and food food safety.


1: Dietary Fat and Disease: What Do We Know and Where Do We Stand?, D. Kritchevsky 2: Food Cholesterol and its Plasma Lipid and Lipoprotein Response: Is Food Cholesterol Still a Problem or Overstated?, W.H. Howell 3: Eggs, Dietary Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk: An International Perspective, D.J. McNamara 4: Egg Products Around the World: Today and Tomorrow, G. Zeidler 5: Eggs as a Functional Food Alternative to Fish and Supplements for the Consumption of DHA, M.E. Van Elswyk et al. 6: Biological Activities of Conjugated Linoleic Acids and Designer Eggs, B.A. Watkins, A.A. Devitt, L. Yu, and M.A. Latour 7: Safe Use of Microalgae (DHAGOLD (TM)) in Laying Hen Feed for the Production of DHA-Enriched Eggs, J.R. Abril, W.R. Barclay, and P.G. Abril 8: Molecular Modification of Egg Proteins for Functional Improvement, S. Nakai 9: Eggs as a Functional Food: Technology Update, C.M. Hasler 10: Preparation of Antigen Specific IgY for Food Application, H.H. Sunwoo et al. 11: Applications of Egg Immunoglobulins in Immunoaffinity Chromatography, E.C.Y. Li-Chan 12: Using Egg Antibodies to Treat Diseases, M. Coleman 13: Re-evaluation of Liquid Egg Pasteurization Technology: Newly Emerging and Industrial Application, Theory and Practice, G.W. Froning, D.L. Peters, and S.S. Sumner 14: Processing and Cooling Shell Eggs to Enhance Safety and Quality, P.A. Curtis 15: Effects of Cryogenic Cooling of Shell Eggs on Interior Quality and Microbiological Integrity, D.R. Jones, J.B. Tharrington, P.A. Curtis, K.E. Anderson, and F.T. Jones 16: Effect of Feeding Organic Selenium in Diets of Laying Hens on Egg Selenium Content, A.H. Cantor et al. 17: Influence of Eggshell 49 on Shell Quality of Hens Grouped According to Shell Quality, R.D. Miles and C.W. Comer

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