Managing the Chinese environment


Managing the Chinese environment

edited by Richard Louis Edmonds

(Studies on contemporary China)

Oxford University Press, c2000

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In the coming decades environmental issues will play an increasing role in China's economic development drive, internal politics, legal development, international relations, and regional development issues. While several books have appeared in the 1990s which describe tangible aspects of China's environmental degradation, this book concentrates its attention on management of China's environment within various contexts and represents the state of thinking on the subject by some of the world's key social scientists in this field. It contains an international perspective of environmental problems in China often lacking in books about the Chinese environment. Chapters discuss environmental degradation in Chinese history, organisation of China's environmental protection network, the legal framework for environmental protection, agricultural land issues, water issues, biodiversity, energy, pollution, public health, and business opportunities for foreign firms. While this book shows that there is lots of room for optimism, it also indicates that many environmental problems remain intractable and some are worsening.


  • Introduction
  • The Environmental Legacy of Imperial China
  • The Organization of Environmental Protection in China
  • Environmental Regulation in the People's Republic of China: The Face of Domestic Law
  • China: Environmental Protection, Domestic Policy Trends, Patterns of Participation in Regimes and Compliance with International Norms
  • China's Land Resources, Environment, and Agricultural Production
  • Is China Living on the Water Margin?
  • Environmental Issues and the SouthNorth Water Transfer Scheme
  • Recent Trends in Forestry and Conservation of Biodiversity in China
  • China's Energy and Resource Uses: Continuity and Change
  • Industrial Pollution in China and Remedial Policies
  • Population, Public Health, and the Environment in China
  • Business Opportunities for Foreign Firms related to China's Environment

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