The new politics of British local governance



The new politics of British local governance

edited by Gerry Stoker ; foreword by R.A.W. Rhodes

(Government beyond the centre)

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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Bibliography: p. 268-287

Includes index

Published in association with the ESRC Local Governance Programme



This book examines the changing nature of local politics, drawing on the latest research from the ESRC Local Governance Programme. It assesses the emergence of new forms of elite organisations and changing power relations in the context of increasing roles for business and other partners. Public responses to changes in local governance are covered in depth including new forms of participation and protest. The book concludes with a consideration of the extent to which the emerging system of local governance can meet the social and economic challenges created by globalization.


  • Foreword
  • RAW.Rhodes.- Introduction
  • Gerry Stoker.- Governance Failure
  • B.Jessop.- Local Governance after Fordism: A Regulationist Perspective
  • J.Painter & M.Goodwin.- Regime
  • Formation in Manchester and Edinburgh
  • A.Harding.- Policy Networks and Local Political Leadership in Britain and France
  • P.John & A.Cole.- Understanding Urban Governance: The Contribution of Rational Choice
  • K.Dowding, P.Dunleavy, D.King, H.Margetts & Y.Rydin.- Local Governance in the Shadow of Juridification
  • D.Cooper.- Local Governance: The Assessments of Councillors, Quango Members and the Public
  • B.Miller & M.Dickson.- The Changing Nature of Local Labour Politics
  • D.Hall & S.Leach.- The Conservative Party in Local Government, 1979-97
  • I.Holliday.- Participation Strategies and Local Environmental Politics: Local Agenda 21
  • S.C.Young.- Technical Expertise and Public Participation in Planning for Housing 'Playing the numbers game'
  • J.Murdoch, S.Abram & T.Marsden.- User Participation in Community Housing 'Is Small Really Beautiful'
  • D.Clapham, K.Kintrea & H.Kay.- Patterns of Inclusion and Exclusion: Ethnic Minorities and Urban Development Corporations
  • S.Brownill, K.Razzaque, T.Stirling & H.Thomas.- Feminist Intervention and Local Domestic Violence Policy
  • S.Abrar.

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