Shelter, settlements, policy and the poor : proceedings of the 8th Inter-schools Conference on appropriate technologies and policies for low-income settlements


    • Inter-Schools Conference on Appropriate Technologies and Policies for Low-Income Settlements (8th : 1991 : Stoneleigh, England)
    • Intermediate Technology Development Group


Shelter, settlements, policy and the poor : proceedings of the 8th Inter-schools Conference on appropriate technologies and policies for low-income settlements

with an introduction by Reinhard Skinner

Intermediate Technology, 1991

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Human settlement planning involves a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating not only technical questions of housing but also problems of services, health, management and economics.


  • Report on workshop - training and education, Noelle Houston
  • report on workshop - self-build and community initiatives, Jeremy Raemaekers
  • report on working group - infrastructure, health and services, Adrian Smith. Part 1 Policies and institutions: developing institutional capacity for meeting the housing needs of the urban poor - a review of experience in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, Carole Rakodi
  • the comparative performance of four institutions - the case of Ismailia, Egypt 1974-1900, Ayman Ismail and Sheilah Meikle
  • confronting institutional perspectives on genuine participation in decision-making - a case from Brazil, Marisa Rezende
  • housing in Mongolia - from tent to high-rise, Roy Darke
  • clearance or rehabilitation - the trends of urban residential renewal in China, Ke Chen
  • tropical cyclones and Island states - a pattern for development?, James Lewis
  • the role of small-scale builders in low-income settlements in developing countries - policies, problems and contradictions, Edmundo Werna
  • the marketization of housing in Eastern Europe - advance or regression?, Natasha Milanovich. Part 2 Technologies for human settlements: choosing infrastructural and health interventions in poor urban communities - cost-effectiveness for health improvements, R.A. Dixon, et al
  • desiging from people - lessons from our ancestors - a cross-cultural analysis of changing house forms in Turkey and Sri Lanka, Aylin Orbasli and Dhananjaya Senanayake
  • small enterprises and employment creation in Rio de Janeiro's low-income settlements - the experience of community enterprise programmes, Bertha Treiger
  • the planning assistance kit - a planning guide for community-based organizations, Nabeel Hamdi
  • aided self-help house building - the case of Siwa oasis, Omar Khattab
  • sustaining settlement improvements - Lusaka, Zambia, Alistair Wray. Part 3 Issues and appropriate responses: residential movement and poverty - some implications for the development of spontaneous settlements, Peter Kellett
  • I want to grow houses, or the 7.62mm (4.9kg) Galil Assault Rifle as an essential tool in the construction process!, Ross Gilhome
  • supporting settlement design and dwelling design in self-help urban housing in Sri Lanka, Ranjith Dayaratne
  • the health effects of war and urbanization on the poor in Luanda, Angola, Najmi Kanji
  • information needs in construction and housing in the Third World, Charles Choguill and Ana Silva-Roberts.

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