Starting a small food processing enterprise


    • Franco, Ernesto
    • Rios, Walter
    • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation


Starting a small food processing enterprise

Peter Fellows, Ernesto Franco and Walter Rios

Intermediate Technology Pub., c1996

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Bibliography: p.121-122

Published in association with the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU



This book brings together important aspects of both the technological and business skills needed to successfully start and operate a small food processing business. The emphasis is on thorough planning before the enterprise is established and then careful control of production to minimize costs and maintain the desired product quality. The book is a training aid for extension workers and small enterprise development organizations.


  • Who can be an entrepreneur?
  • selecting a food product - start with the customer, competitors, a note about new products
  • the need for a business plan
  • planning for production - sales and marketing, technical requirements, legal considerations, finance, preparing a business plan
  • setting up and operating the business - registration and certificates, premises and production facilities, packaging and promotion, supplies, internal organization and staff training, quality assurance, distribution and selling, record keeping, taxation. Appendices: checklist of entrepreneurial characteristics
  • how to write the business plan, sample business plans.

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