Strengthening high-risk families : a handbook for practitioners



Strengthening high-risk families : a handbook for practitioners

Lisa Kaplan, Judith L. Girard

Lexington Books, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 131-159) and index



The authors provide an understanding of the stresses that high-risk families face, and they recommend pragmatic family-centred assessment and treatment stategies that will empower families to change. The book addresses such critical topics as AIDS, abuse and homelessness.


1. The Family Preservation Movement: A Historical OverviewThe Settlement Hose Movement/ The Family Centered Project of St. Paul/ Head Start/ Family Systems Theory/ Emergence of Family-Centered Programs/ Family-Based Case Management in Public Agencies/ Federal and State Legislation/ National and State Organizations 2. Family Preservation: Definitions, Goals, and Key IssuesDefinitions/ Goals of Family Preservation/ Key Issues in Family Preservation 3. High-Risk Families and Interfacing AgenciesCharcteristics of High-Risk Families/ Agencies Involved with Families at Risk/ High-Risk Families and the Social Service System/ Reentering Treatment: Failure or Strength? 4. A Framework for Beginning Family WorkFocusing on the family/ Assessing Family Needs in Partnership with the Family/ Reframing Needs: A Positive Perspective/ First Encounters 5. Treatment StrategiesAddressing Concrete Needs/ Developing a Model Relationship and Partnership/ Reparenting/ Putting Parents in Charge/ Building on Strengths to Create Hope in Families/ Frequent Contact and Availability/ An Ecological Systems Approach/ Problem-Solving and Conflict-Resolution Skills/ Confrontation/ create a Sense of Community within the Program/ Multidimensional Interventions/ Termination 6. Special Issues in High-Risk FamiliesPhysical and Sexual Abuse/ Domestic Violence/ Substance Abuse and HIV/ AIDS/ Homeless High-Risk Families/ Family Reunificationabuse 7. Dealing with DiversityCultural Competency/ Sexual Orientation 8. StaffStaff Qualities/ Staff supervision and Training/ Collaborating with Academia/ Preventing Burnout/ Educating Other Professionals/ Developing a Multidisciplinary, Culturally Competent Staff/ Professional and Paraprofessional Staff/ Individual and Team Approaches/ Worker Safety 9. Where Do We Go From Here?A Call for Systems Reform/ Social Programs Are Not Enough/ Program Evaluation: What Is Success?/ The Need for a Consumer-Driven Service System/ Beware of Pitfalls... Resource Directory.

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