Globalisation and legal theory


Globalisation and legal theory

William Twining

(Law in context)

Butterworths, 2000


Globalisation & legal theory

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This work brings together eight linked essays which make the case for a revival of general jurisprudence in response to the challenges of globalisation, explores how far the heritage of Anglo-American jurisprudence and comparative law is adequate to meeting the challenges, and puts forward an agenda for general jurisprudence and comparative law, especially in the English-speaking world in the first ten or twenty years of the millennium. The book is traditional in focussing on the mainstream of Anglo-American intellectual heritage and moderately radical in identifying the need for rethinking basic issues and putting forward a series of provocative propositions as a basis for discussion.


  • 1. General and particular jurisprudence, three chapters in a story
  • 2. Globalisation and legal theory, some local implications
  • 3. Jeremy Bentham and general jurisprudence
  • 4. Other people's power, the bad man and English positivism
  • 5. Mapping law
  • 6. Globalization and comparative law - the Country and Western tradition
  • 7. Globalization, post-modernism and pluralism
  • Appendix: teaching about globalisation and law.

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