The heritage of Armenian literature : from the oral taradition to the golden age


The heritage of Armenian literature : from the oral taradition to the golden age

Agop J. Hacikyan ... [et al.]

Wayne State University Press, c2000-2005

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Vol. 1. From the oral tradition to the Golden Age -- v. 2. From the sixth to the eighteenth century -- v. 3. From the eighteenth century to modern times

Includes bibliographical references

Includes indexes


  • Vol. 2. From the sixth to the eighteenth century



v. 1 ISBN 9780814328156


Armenian written literature originated almost 16 centuries ago with the invention of the Armenian alphabet. This anthology, translated into English, takes a comprehensive approach to capturing the essence of of the literature of the entire period covered.

v. 2 ISBN 9780814330234


The second volume of The Heritage of Armenian Literature continues the highly acclaimed and monumental project of presenting Armenia's literary treasures to an English-speaking audience. Nowhere else can students and general readers easily find a comprehensive, English-language guide to these masterpieces, complete with important background information and vivid, accurate translations of key sample passages. Volume 2 takes readers through the medieval period up to the eighteenth century. As in the previous volume, the editors here offer a wide and varied range of readings that encompasses the literary panorama of this ancient civilization. They situate each work as extensively as possible within its theological, historical, and philosophical contexts, while highlighting aspects that will be meaningful to readers in light of modern scholarship.

v. 3 ISBN 9780814332214


Preserving Armenia's rich literary tradition from a multitude of viewpoints has been the aim of this three-volume work. This third volume joins the previous two in making excerpts of Armenian masterpieces accessible in beautifully rendered English translations, while enabling readers to enjoy the immediacy of these works through lively discussions of the authors and their times. Here the focus is on the eighteenth through twentieth centuries. The volume begins with a comprehensive overview of the entire historical, social, and literary panorama of the periods covered: the Armenian Renaissance, the development of modern Armenian (with its Western and Eastern versions), the emergence of a national identity and democratic thinking (with their impact on literature and theater), and such literary schools as Romanticism, Realism, and Aestheticism. Biographies of more than 130 prominent authors appear in these pages, together with critical comments concerning their works and extensive excerpts from the works themselves. The texts are edited, annotated with footnotes, and presented in a format that permits easy comprehension. Serving as both a reference and a textbook, "The Heritage of Armenian Literature" unveils a rich pageant of works in historical perspective. The varied experiences from the Armenian past come alive, allowing for new understandings and comparisons to literatures of other nations.

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