Politics as usual : the cyberspace "revolution"


Politics as usual : the cyberspace "revolution"

Michael Margolis, David Resnick

(Contemporary American politics / series editors Richard G. Niemi, Barbara Sinclair, v. 6)

Sage Publications, c2000

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  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-240) and index



Examining the effects of the Internet on American politics, this book reveals its potential as a tool for empowering people to challenge existing power structures. However, the authors show how the American political system tends to normalize political activity, and thus the internet's vast subversive potential could be lost, rendering it just another purveyor of ignored information.


The Normalization of CyberspaceDemocracy in Cyberspace A Brief HistoryParties and Interest Groups Organizing, Lobbying and Electioneering in CyberspaceElected Officials and Government Bureaucracy in CyberspaceThe Internet, Mass Media and Public OpinionDoing Business on the Web New Rules or New Taxes?Gambling on the Internet A Case Study in the Politics of RegulationCriminal Activity in Cyberspace and What to Do About ItDemocracy and Cyberspace A Peek into the Future

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