50 years of Yale French studies : a commemorative anthology


    • Porter, Charles A.
    • Waters, Alyson


50 years of Yale French studies : a commemorative anthology

(Yale French studies, no. 96, 97)

Yale University Press, 1999

  • Part 1 : 1948-1979
  • Part 2 : 1980-1998

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Part 1 edited by Charles A. Porter and Alyson Waters



Part 1 : 1948-1979 ISBN 9780300081398


The year 1998 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Yale French Studies. Taking this occasion to look back on the evolution of the journal and, by extension, on the field of French studies over the past half-century, the Editorial Board of YFS is producing a two-volume commemorative anthology. The selected articles reflect scholars and themes that either represent or run counter to the main trends of a vibrant scholarly tradition during an intellectually exciting period. The prefaces to this first volume of the anthology and the introductions to each decade add a retrospective glance at the role that Yale French Studies has played over the years. Contents Peter Brooks and Charles A. Porter: Introduction to the Anthology; Georges May "The fact that I happened to have witnessed . . ." I. 1948-1959 Charles Porter Introduction; Jacques Guicharnaud Those Years: Existentialism 1943-1945; Georges May Jean Giraudoux: Academism and Idiosyncrasies; Henri Peyre Romantic Poetry and Rhetoric II. 1960-1969 Francoise Jaouen Introduction; Jeremy Mitchel Swinburne-The Disappointed Protagonist; Kurt Weinberg Nietzsche's Paradox of Tragedy; Michael Holquist What Is a Boojum? Nonsense and Modernism III. 1970-1979 Ora Avni Introduction; Jacques Derrida The Purveyor of Truth; Roger Dragonetti "Le nenuphar blanc": A Poetic Dream with Two Unknowns; Jacques Ehrmann The Tragic/Utopian Meaning of History

Part 2 : 1980-1998 ISBN 9780300083248


On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Yale French Studies, the Editorial Board of the journal is producing a two-volume commemorative anthology. The first volume contains articles from 1948 to 1979, and this second volume includes articles from the final decades of the twentieth century, a comprehensive volume-by-volume index, and an author index of YFS's entire fifty years. Contents: Alyson Waters: Preface to the Second Volume I. 1980-1989 Susan Weiner: Introduction: The 1980s Paul de Man: "Conclusions" on Walter Benjamin's "The Task of the Translator"; Kristin Ross: Rimbaud and the Transformation of Social Space; Joan DeJean: Classical Reeducation: Decanonising the Feminine II. 1990-1998 R. Howard Bloch: Introduction: Fin de Siecle Nuclear Sublime Richard Klein: The Future of Nuclear Criticism; Shoshana Felman: In an Era of Testimony: Claude Lanzmann's Shoah; Maryse Condi: Order, Disorder, Freedom, and the West Indian Writer; Christine Delphy: The Invention of French Feminism: An Essential Move; Laurent Jenny: Genetic Criticism and Its Myths III. Index to volumes 1-95 Daryl Lee, James Austin, and Alyson Waters: Index of Volumes 1 through 95 Reviews:

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