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Romantic fairy tales

translated and edited by Carol Tully

(Penguin classics)

Penguin Books, 2000

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Textual and bibliographical note: p. xxiv-xxv

Contents of Works

  • The fairy tale / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Eckbert the fair / Ludwig Tieck
  • Undine / Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué
  • The tale of honest Casper and Fair Annie / Clemens Brentano

Description and Table of Contents


The four works collected in this volume reveal the fascinating preoccupations of the German Romantic movement, which revelled in the inexplicable, the uncanny and the unknown and, especially, the mysterious world of the fairy tale. Goethe's richly imaginative Fairy Tale (1795) depicts an ethereal underground realm and the marriage of a beautiful man and woman, whose union heralds a new age. In Tieck's Eckbert the Fair (1797) two outsiders seek refuge in the solitude of dark woods to conceal their incestuous passion from the world, while in Fouque's Undine (1811) a water nymph falls in love and acquires a soul, and so discovers the reality of human suffering. And Brentano's Tale of Honest Casper and Fair Annie (1817) portrays the tragedy of a young couple, destroyed by a false sense of honour and pride.

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