A psychiatric vade-mecum



A psychiatric vade-mecum

by Basant K. Puri and Heather McKee

Arnold , Oxford University Press, 1998

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Includes index



This is a guide to the day-to-day practice of psychiatry for trainees and residents. In a pocket format, it is designed to be a medical companion for those entering psychiatry, or for medical trainees on a rotation in a psychiatry unit. As well as diagnostic and treatment guidelines, real-life issues are addressed, including lines of responsibility, working with violent patients, medico-legal problems, and dealing with complex situations such as suicide. There is also full discussion of non-psychiatric medical problems including emergencies such as resuscitation and intravenous drug administration.


  • The role of the junior doctor
  • admitting psychiatric patients
  • bed managers and ECRs
  • psychiatric history taking
  • the mental state examination
  • physical examination
  • descriptive psychopathology
  • talking to relatives and issues of confidentiality
  • use of rating scales
  • keeping ward case notes
  • the psychiatric ward round and multidisciplinary team
  • investigations
  • tables of normal ranges
  • psychiatric classification systems
  • periods of observation and treatment guidelines
  • the disturbed patient
  • psychotherapies
  • medication
  • ECT
  • common medical emergencies and referral to appropriate departments
  • infection
  • discharge of patients
  • communicating with GPs and other professionals
  • out-patient clinics
  • restraining patients and protecting yourself
  • verbal abuse
  • emergencies
  • suicide
  • asking for advice
  • emotional support
  • medico-legal aspects
  • mental health legislation
  • useful addresses.

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