Evaluation in occupational health practice


    • Menckel, Ewa
    • Westerholm, Peter


Evaluation in occupational health practice

editors, Ewa Menckel and Peter Westerholm

Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999

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This is a new text for all those who become involved in the evaluation of performance or quality of occupational health services. Occupational health professionals within their everyday work are more frequently required to evaluate the service they provide, with greater emphasis now on meeting the needs of the 'customer'. For those with little experience or training in formal evaluations, this text provides an overview of the concepts, principles and issues which they will encounter. It resolves issues of procedure and methodology and provides practical examples. The team of international contributors has provided an easy-to-read guide which will lead to improved service management and standards of performance, and better utility of the services provided.


Part 1 Evaluation approaches and models: Introduction and objectives (E Menckel & P Westerholm) General principles and implementation in OHS evaluation (K Husman) Evaluation, quality assurance, quality improvement and research (J Verbeek, C Hulshof & W van der Weide) Evaluating occupational health interventions (J Ovretveit) Quantitative methods in medical audit for OHS evaluation (R Agius, R Lee, G Fletcher & J Uttley) Major evaluation models pertinent to OHS practice (E Menckel) Part 2 Evaluation in practice: OHS evaluation - Principles, approaches and methods (P Westerholm & E Menckel) International comparison highlights the standards of OHS - the Japanese case (T Muto) Government-sponsored evaluation of OHS - the Norwegian case (T Lie & A Wannag) Internal and external evaluation of OHS - the German case (K Khun) Data-based outcome evaluation of occupational health program - the US case (M Weaver, K Brown & J Hilyer) The new concept of 'Good OHS Practice' - the Finnish case (K Husman & M Lamberg) Evaluation of OHS as a system of incentives - a German example (J Behrens) Statistical implementation analysis of a public occupational health programme - the Canadian case (D Berthelette) Process evaluation of OHS rehabilitation work - a Swedish case (E Menckel & P Westerholm) Examples of occupational health audit - the UK case (S Whitaker) Problem-based rehabilitation of work-related musculoskeletal disorders - a Swedish case (K Ekberg) Evaluation courses of OHS professionals (E Menckel, P Westerholm & K Husman) Part 3 Perspectives and future trends: Evaluation and ethics in an OHS setting (P Westerholm) Economic appraisal in occupational health (J RantanenK) Shifting the focus of occupational health services (N Ashford & K Rest).

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